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A new series of monographs, each dedicated to an exceptional instrument, selected among those of outstanding importance in the history of classical Italian making. The first volume focuses on the viola Estense by Girolamo Amati, one of the first contraltos of modern proportions and one of the most precious jewels preserved in the ducal collection in Modena.

From Count Cozio di Salabue to Giuseppe Fiorini, from the Bisiachs in Milan to the foundation of the first schools of violin making, the history of bowed instruments during the past two centuries in Italy, narrated through the testimonies of the leading makers of our times and featuring the instruments of the most important Italian collections, rare photographic and video documents.
The portraits of Francesco Bissolotti, Gian Carlo Guicciardi, Gio Batta Morassi and Renato Scrollavezza complete the history of the rebirth of Italian lutherie.

The publication features the interventions of european and italian experts who gathered in Genova on 3rd, 4th, 5th December 2004 to discuss and study the art, the history, the personality of the greatest violinplayer of all times.
Interventions by: Alma Brughera Capaldo, Maria Rosa Moretti, Carmela Bongiovanni, Giuseppe Isoleri, Stefano Fera, Alessandro Del Lago, Roberto Grisley, Marco Battaglia, Ingolf Turban, Mauro Balma, Tatiana Berford, Philippe Borer, Claudio Pavolini, Alberto Giordano, Anna Maria Salone, Fausto Amalberti, Paola Brocero, Antonio Delfino, Bozhanca Mocinova, Stefano Termanini, Anna Sorrento.

‘Cesare Candi liutista’ is a monographic work dedicated to the most important modern genoese maker and his brother Oreste and nephew Corrado Gritti. The book is not a mere catalogue of portrayed instruments since great attention was given not only to the historical research but to the making technique of this reknown master as well. In particoular the book shows an in-depth analysis of the making process used by Candi accompained by high quality pictures of the interiors, of the labels and firebrands and generally of every detail that helps the identification of a true instrument of the Candi family. A chapter is dedicated to the decoration artistry of Candi with high quality pictures of amazingly fancy instruments.

Eric Blot and Alberto Giordano Turris Editrice This is the most comprehensive work about violin making in Liguria region from early Nineteenth century untill the second world war: an in depth analysis about the history and the style of the most important genoese makers such as Niccolò Bianchi, Eugenio Praga, Enrico Rocca, Cesare Candi, Paolo DeBarbieri and others. The book shows 35 original instruments in high quality color pictures. Italian and...

The one day congress, organized by the Councillarship of the Communication and Promotion of the Town of Genova, was held in Genova on October 14th 2004: interventions by John Dilworth, Alberto Giordano, Bruce Carlson, Pierre Guillaume, Philippe Borer and others describing the history of the conservation of the Cannone, the refurbishment job, the bows of Paganini and more. You can download the PDF files of the texts from the site of the Town of Genova at:...

Salvatore Accardo plays the Paganini’s violin, Edward Neill and Alberto Giordano wrote notes and comments about the great violinist and its instrument.

Ruggiero Ricci plays a selection of 18 modern violins...

The violinmaker Cesare Candi and the violin of Paganini - Carlo Nardi – CremonaBook editore - An anasthatic reprint of an interview with the maker taken by mr Carlo Nardi in 1947, few months before Candi’s death. With a foreword of A.Giordano describing the personality of Cesare Candi. Italian and English version.

Il violino di David Oistrakh “Stradivari Conte de Fontana 1702″ Dynamic CD + Book + Poster A collection of Hystorical recordings with the famous violin by Antonio Stradivari played by its famous owners: the sound of the violin can be heard played by David Oistrakh (1961), Riccardo Brengola (1982), Franco Gulli (1985) and Mariana Sirbu (2002). Book by Danilo Prefumo and Alberto Giordano. Poster of the violin with measurements by Alberto Giordano and Yuta...