Alberto Giordano Master Luthier

Official expert for the Court of Law and the Chamber of Commerce of Genova.
Master Degree in History of Art at the University of Genova.
Assistant curator of the Guarneri del Gesù 1743 ‘Il Cannone’ owned by Paganini.

Graduated in Cremona in 1984 under the direction of V.Bissolotti, W. Zambelli and Stefano Conia, he attended Sesto Rocchi’s laboratory; later he continues his apprenticeship in the workshop of Joseph Curtin and Gregg Alf.Estabilished in Genoa in 1987, Alberto colaborates since 1994 to the preservation of the ‘Cannone’, the famous violin of Guarneri del Gesù owned by Niccolò Paganini, property of the City of Genoa.

In 2001 a copy of his made of the ‘Cannone’ was included in the last Ruggiero Ricci’s recording, ‘The legacy of Cremona’ in which the virtuoso plays a selection of contemporary violins.

In 2004 together with Bruce Carlson and Pio Montanari, he attend the violin of Paganini’s refurbishment also called the ‘Historical Recover’: modern accessories mounted on the Cannone about 50 years ago were removed from the violin in favour of exact replicas of the fittings originally used by Niccolò Paganini. The work is the result of Alberto’s intense researches in civic and private genoese archives and it was based on an in-depth analysis of the technical and organological features of the violin of Paganini (see Strad October 2004).

Member in juries of violin making competitions, a scholar of italian violinmaking, Alberto has scored a number of articles, essays, books; he was invited as a speaker in lectures in China, United Kingdom, France, Norway.

He has collaborated with the check coreographer Jiri Kylian for the opening of the new Norwegian Opera and Ballet Theatre in Oslo creating and making a serie of musical instruments for the opening ballet show “Worlds Beyond“.

In March 2015 he took the Master Degree with honours and ‘publication recommended’ in History of Art at the University of Genova, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy

Alberto is a contributor for ‘The Strad’ magazine, Archi Magazine, Tarisio’s Cozio Carteggio, and for the Museo del Violino of Cremona.


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