Violins, violas and cellos

The primary source of inspiration of Alberto Giordano comes from the violin “Il Cannone” belonged to Niccolò Paganini, made in 1743 by Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”, and from the work of the genoese luthiers of the 19th century such as Enrico Rocca and Eugenio Praga:

“I like to take a little glance to the traditional violinmaking of my town in my own work – says A. Giordano – I use mostly the model of the Paganini “Cannone” violin. I started quite late to copy the “Cannone” so I approached it with great respect, since I believe that it is, like other  art masterpieces, not possible to reproduce. My first Cannone violins were influenced more by the work of genoese makers Enrico Rocca and Eugenio Praga: during the years, as my experience in handling the Cannone brought me to intense studies on the structure and on the history of this violin, I started going deeper in through the style of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù.”

The fine, selected seasoned woods are a constant feature of the instruments of Alberto Giordano. The varnish is of oil, applied with the fingerboard glued on the neck, in the old Italian way.

Every single part of the work is completely hand made, without the use of any premade part: particular attention is given to the fittings, personally handmade following the genoese tradition. See the special ‘look-through’ endpin button that allows to check the soundpost position without removing the strings from the instrument. “Musicians are my teachers” says Alberto Giordano “I love the direct contact with them: I believe that the best way to improve my work is to listen to every single note they play, to every comment they say”.

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