In october 2010 I had an unforgettable experience at the Elettra laboratory in Trieste, Italy (see article on Archi Magazine): the scientific staff at the Syncrothrone (Franco Zanini, Nicola Sodini, Luigi Rigon, Diego Dreossi, Rongchang Chen) undertook a microtomgraphic scan on a fine violin made in 1753 by G.B.Guadagnini, property of my dear friend violinist Peter Herresthal of Oslo, Norway, who generously gave the instrument for the scientific investigation.

As a result, the investigation on the Guadagnini were the subject of my graduation thesis at the University of Genova and in the end, I decided to make a copy of this charming violin.

This is my first Guadagnini copy, I had fun making it: I hope you will enjoy it.

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