Lodovico Rastelli (Castelletto Scazzoso 1801, Genova 1878)

Born in a medieval village of Piemonte, Lodovico Rastelli is documented in Genova as musical instrument repairer in 1835, in a workshop in piazza Lavagna in the historic centre of the town. Information regarding his training are still scarce: it seems that he had collaborated with Nicolò Bianchi due to many in their style and in thei working technique. Although often considered mainly a repairer, Lodovico Rastelli had in contrary a good production of violins, violas, cellos, doublebasses and guitars, sometimes decorated a fine inlay work of extra purfling; he moved his workshop quite often inside the medieval walls of Genova and in the last period of his activity he was helped by his daughter Vincenza. Rastelli died in Genova in 1878.

A violin, Guarneri model, Genova 1875

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