Erminio Montefiori (La Spezia 1841 – Marseille 1904)

Trained as a sculptor, Erminio Montefiori started violin making as an amateur maker, and only later he became a professional luthier. His style is impressive: deeply inspired by the makers of Genova of the 18th century, it always bears a personal and instinctive touch. This instrument is made upon a model from Bernardo Calcanius, and it shows the tipical features of the work of Montefiori, especially in the carving of the scroll, that reveals a very skilled and talented hand. We can consider Montefiori as a unique and gifteds maker, with a very special taste in copying instruments: his interpretations are at the same time ‘classical‘ for the deep respect of the ancient tradition of violin making of Genova, and ‘modern‘ for his individual and free inspiration.

A violin, Genova 1892

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