Cesare Candi (Bologna 1869 – Genova 1947)

The most renown maker of the school of Genova in the 20th century. Trained for a short period in the workshop of Raffaele Fiorini, Cesare Candi moved to Genova in 1888 joining his brother Oreste working in the string instruments firm ‘fratelli Barberis’. In 1892 opened his own shop, making mainly plucked instruments; by the first years of the 20th century he began making violins, viola and cellos. He made a good number of decorated instrument, a passion that endured all of his life; these instruments well reflects the personality of Cesare Candi, and they show his perpetual research of new estaethical and stylistic solutions. The mandolin hereby represented is featured in our monographic book dedicated to Cesare Candi: you can note the delicate carving of the scroll, the golden leaf decoration, the fine whalebone inlay.


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