A new series of monographs, each dedicated to an exceptional instrument, selected among those of outstanding importance in the history of classical Italian making. The first volume focuses on the viola Estense by Girolamo Amati, one of the first contraltos of modern proportions and one of the most precious jewels preserved in the ducal collection in Modena. After almost four centuries, this rare instrument may be admired and examined in its exceptional purity thanks to photographs by Jan Röhrmann, the microtomographic analyses performed by the Vienna Micro CT-Lab, and the varnish stratigraphies conducted by Brigitte Brandmair.

  • Edizioni Scrollavezza & Zanrè (2015), edited by Andrea Zanrè
  • Photos by Jan Röhrmann
  • Essays: Brigitte Brandmair, Davide Gasparotto, Alberto Giordano, Rudolf Hopfner, Peter Ratcliff, Andrea Zanrè
  • 56 pages in 45,7 by 28,5 cm format
  • 800 copies, texts in English
  • DVD with multimedia contents and sound recording
  • Amati viola Moulds & Templates available separately
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