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From 27th February to 5th march 2006 the Violin of Paganini “il Cannone” was hosted by the Royal Academy of Music for the week “Paganini in London”: performances, exhibitons and special events had celebrated the 175th anniversary of Niccolò Paganini’s first visit to London in 1831.

The event was supported by the Town of Genova and the Italian institute of culture of London. The Cannone was exhibited together with the original accessories used by Paganini (bridge, fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs) beside the great Antonio Stradivari’s masterpiece, the violin from 1709 owned by Giovanni Battista Viotti.

The highlights of the week were the two concerts performed at the Duke’s Hall by RAM professor and researcher Peter Sheppard Skearved and by Maxim Vengerov.

Peter Sheppard Skearved played the Cannone with the Paganini set up (heavy gauge plain gut strings and the original bridge replica), while Maxim Vengerov decided for modern synthetic core strings: he decided anyway to play the Cannnone with the Paganini bridge replica due to its surprisingly power and tone.