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The instruments

Cesare Candi Genova 1916

Cesare Candi 1916 front

Cesare Candi, Genova 1916


Ingrandisci view

Giuseppe Lecchi Genova 1937


Giuseppe Lecchi violin, Genova 1937

Ingrandisci view

Giuseppe Lecchi Genova 1925

Giuseppe Lecchi 1925 scroll 2

An early work of Giuseppe Lecchi from 1925,... Ingrandisci view

Paolo De Barbieri Genova 1930

De Barbieri 1930 front

A violin by Paolo De Barbieri, Genova 1930

Ingrandisci view

Enrico Rocca Genova 1915

A fine example of Enrico Rocca’a last period... Ingrandisci view